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"As a rare artisan of kyusu teapots in Yokkaichi, he is engaged in the traditional craft of "Kata (mold) Banko." Kata Banko, which is made by stretching and pasting clay on a wooden mold, has a intricacy that cannot be expressed by pottery wheels. It takes time and effort, but I find it attractive as a craftsman. Making a teapot is the same. All the processes are done by hand using red clay. We focus on things that can only be done by hand, such as putting a bell in the lid, applying openwork. I believe that something with both technology and beauty will survive 100 years from now, and I will continue to work with all my heart. We hope that Banko teapots will continue to be used in 100 years ... All of the teapots made with this passion are decorated with techniques unique to Jitsuzan."

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